Lou Designs​

Handcrafted jewels, polymer clay objects, art dolls and more...

Below you will find some links to websites of few absolutely incredible artists and persons whose work is just as inspired as it is inspiring....

Thanks to each of them for all the beauty and magic they offer us !

  • Aniko Aka - Polymer clay sculptor: http://www.mandarin-duck.com/
  • Debra Bernier Shaping spirit sculptures :​ http://debrabernier.com/
  • Ellew Jewett - Natural History surrealist s​culptures: http://www.ellenjewettsculpture.com

A special mention about my best friend Vivianne and "Traces de Plumes":

Her life path has led her to shamanism and energetic healing care. By sharing her life experience with me, she opened up to me a new field of creation: sacred objects and healing jewels.

To share her experience you can also click on this link : http://www.tracesdeplumes.ch