Lou Designs​

Handcrafted jewels, polymer clay objects, art dolls

 Bead embroidered and Soutache Jewelry

Unique and stylish hand made jewelry (necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet, ring) created with the finest material: Natural semi precious stones cabochons, Czech and Bohemian glass beads, japanese glass seads beads, genuine pearls, Swarovski's crystals of all forms and ​types, the softest ultrasuede and soutache,  bronze, gold 24K and silver 925 findinds

Polymer Clay covered journals

These are small A5 notebooks whose cover is made of clay completely hand carved without any mold. Some may include natural stones, Swarovski crystals or pieces of metal. Each journal is totally unique.

Created to be your own precious diary, sketchbook, travel journal, or even your treasured spellbook

Polymer clay sculptures

Inspired by nature , my sculptures are hand carved in polymer clay.

Some are created from a piece of wood or stone found during my walks in the forest. Others are made entirely of clay.

Each is very unique and the expression of something to which I am sensitive to

Healing tools and ceremonials objects

I design for her very special  ritual objects such as feathers smudge fans, crystal wands as well as hesaling jewels or accesoiries.

They are available throught her website : 


Art Dolls

My creatures are all inspired by animals, whether realistic or fantastic. Entirely handcrafted and created using a mixture of techniques, each one is unique.

The basic structure is made of wire, which makes them fully posable. The face and paws are sculpted in polymer clay, then hand painted. The animals' bodies are then covered with hand-sewn faux fur, feathers, sometimes fabric like silk.