Lou Designs​

Handcrafted jewels, polymer clay objects, art dolls and more...

Born and raised in Paris, I moved to Switzerland when I was 23. I lived first in Lausanne and since a while, I moved to a small village in the countryside nearby Lausanne. My studio is totally part of my home as I ‘am crafting during my free time, every time I can.

Coming from a family where crafts and arts are part of regular life, I started creating and crafting at my very young age, supported and advised by all my family.

From my Grandma, I learned sewing and old techniques of embroidery. From my Mom, I learned drawing, painting, various kind of needle arts, floral art, high sensitivity to color schemes, and love for all kind of arts. With my Grandpa, I felt in love with the beauty of nature, flowers, animals as well as magic stories, old legends, and such stories. My Dad passed on to me his passion to discover antique and unique objects from all over the world, that and also of their history, their manufacture, the noble materials they were made from, and the art of restoring them.

So it is very naturally, that since ever I use and mix all kind of material and techniques. I can’t say that I have a unique and preferred media or technique. I love to work and create with many. The pieces I create reflect my personal experiences, things I see, discover, whatever it is in nature, films, books, media or trough people I know or meet.

Evolving in technique , material used, kind of creation is, for me, as natural as the course of life.

To this day, to create jewels I am using various kind of beads, soutache, natural stones and crystals and for creating objects , I work with different kind of clay , natural stones, crystal , paints, pastels, and wood.

Everything I create is an expression of what I am sensitive to , what makes me dream , what I found beautiful.

My goal is all about creating and sharing, a piece which I wish, will be unique to its owner, graceful, made with care, passion, heart and soul, and of course a spark of magic….